If you are a family member or friend and have our normal contact information, please continue to use those to reach us.

If you have come across this site and do not have that information, but have questions, concerns, or otherwise need to reach us, please use the following email:

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  1. My son was diagnosed with HLH in January 2011 at 2 months old. I have kept up with your blog and your sweet little Zoe ever since. Your blog was actually the very first HLH blog i found and it gave me great insight into what was to come with my little boy Jackson. Anyways, Jackson had is BMT on April 15 and is doing wonderful. I read that you wanted to hear more about survivor stories and Jackson is another HLH survivor to add to the list. I started a blog for him during the days of him getting his diagnosis at

  2. My daughter is now 10yrs old but she was diagnosed with HLH when she was 4 months old. She went through extensive testing and 3 of the strongest chemos there are for a child that young. She had her BMT on Sept. 12 2002 and has done great ever since. This is a very rare disease and I wish more people were aware of it. Thank you!!!

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