Day +37: All By Herself!

Another milestone this morning. Zoe’s counts all went up today for the first time without any cell growth medication or transfusions. Her WBC went from 4.1 to 4.8, RBC was up, and platelets are finally stabilizing and going up on their own.

For quite some time, Zoe has been getting platelet transfusions to keep them up, though she hasn’t gotten one in about a week — they have continued to slowly drop. Her WBC count has also continued to drop on any day she has not gotten GCSF to promote growth, but as mentioned that also promotes bone pain and discomfort. She’s finally growing cells all by herself!

Our departure from the hospital continues to be postponed, mostly because of the continued spit-ups. They had hoped that would be over by now, and while no one is concerned, they say it just takes more time for some kids, they prefer to have her heal a little more before we leave and she’s off monitors completely.

[spoiler name=”Click for counts”]

  • WBC: 4.9 (up from 4.1)
  • Hemoglobin: 9.2 (up from 8.9)
  • Platelets: 144 (up from 112)


6 thoughts on “Day +37: All By Herself!

  1. Well, Ill take her making new blood cells over not spitting up any day. If you are going to be behind on something, be behind on something that minor and doest affect her overall health!

    Zoe seems to be doing awesome shes a pro blood creator.

  2. Great news and great numbers. She’s continuing to heal so well. Her skin looks so pretty in the picture – reflecting her good health. Mara

  3. Dear Evan & Michelle,
    So glad to hear from you today.Zoe continues to improve and we are very pleased.
    So sorry we had to miss Maya’s birthday party. We hope to come down later, can’t wait to see Maya and Zoe.
    We hope you both can get some much needed rest.
    Love to all!! Nannie

  4. Hi,
    Im very happy to hear that zoes counts keep going up 🙂 im very happy for you all. Zoe is such a strong baby! Her picture is so adorable. May god bless you all

  5. Thanking God every day for Zoe’s wonderful progress. And thank you Evan for all your effort in reporting her progress so those of us far away can keep up-to-date with it.

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