Day +17: Happy 6 Months Zoe!

Today is Zoe’s 6 month birthday, and boy is she excited. She’s feeling better, growing cells, and tormenting the nurses with her cuteness and refusal to keep her monitors attached. We seem to have a new nurse every night (usually the same team during the day), and I mentioned it the other night and was told everyone wants a turn with the baby. I don’t know if that’s true, but I like the sound of it.

It’s July 10th, 2010, and Zoe was born on January 10th. We’ve now spent approximately 4 months fighting HLH out of Zoe’s 6 months of life, but we hope that soon we’ll be done with the fighting and we can get on with the living. It’s been a strange and frightening year, to say the least, but if we can get through this I am confident we’ll have weathered the worst.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone for your continued support, both here on this blog and in private, and in all the ways you’ve been supporting us. This is not where we’d expected to be this year of course, but it’s great to know that so many people, both those we know and those we have only barely met, are rooting for Zoe. Thank you.

Zoe is continuing to make strides with her counts. She’s up to 0.5 today and her ANC is up accordingly. Her creatinine continues to be low, so her kidneys are not a worry at the moment despite the regular doses of lasix to keep fluid retention down. All of her other signs appear good so far.

(.62 + .04) x 500 = 330 ANC

9 thoughts on “Day +17: Happy 6 Months Zoe!

  1. Happy 6 months baby girl! You are so strong Zoe. You keep up the good work and get better quick. We are praying for you here in New Jersey and know that you will beat this.

    Much love,
    Shana, Kris & Maya Gordon

  2. Happy 6 months to Zoe šŸ˜‰
    she’s adorable, and a very strong baby!
    Always in my prayers.
    May god bless you all.

  3. Hi you guys! I was sitting here thinking about Zoe and was wondering how she is doing since returning home. I’m so happy for Zoe and family, I couldn’t help but cry watching you leave the unit. I pray continued happiness and health. God bless!

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