Day +11: Happy Fourth!

Zoe is doing well today, much improved from yesterday I would say. She is sleeping the day away, and that’s probably for the best. Whenever she is awake she has a hard time getting comfortable, and she has a hard time being held for very long, so it’s not easy to console her.

No uptick in her WBC counts today, sad to say. Everyone here is confident she’s begun engraftment, however. She’s still flushing regularly, skin very warm to the touch at times, and her temperature is staying around 99.5.

We did up her pain medication late last night after having a hard time getting her settled. She is set up on a PCA machine to automatically dose the medication, with “bumps” of it for rough patches if needed via a button. Zoe doesn’t react well to the button, however, she gets very itchy at the sudden higher dosage, then it fades and she is in pain again, so we tend to increase the drip instead. It’s a smaller amount than the button, but it keeps her more at ease when it’s consistent.

Still Cheeky

Zoe’s creatinine came back 0.1, which is suspiciously low given yesterday’s 0.6. Dr. S felt it unlikely that’s accurate, but it does seem likely that it has gone down not up, so we’re ok there. She continues to respond really well to the Lasix, so her weight is stable.

Which is all a long way of saying we’re holding steady. All is well, she’s doing what she’s supposed to — growing a new immune system.

Have a great holiday!

3 thoughts on “Day +11: Happy Fourth!

  1. Just wanted you and Michelle to know I am thinking of you and Zoe. Hope the staff is taking good care of you, too. Meigie

  2. All good news. I’m glad that the pain pump settings are well adjusted to her needs and responses. If the people who deal with this every day feels she has started engraftment, I’m standing with them.

    Glad it has been a much better day. She’s a wise baby – it’s a hot, humid Sunday, so why not sleep it away:) Mara

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