Day +7: A Hint of Good News

Today’s been a great day.

Maya and Michelle made it into 5200 to visit and so that we can start to socialize a bit more with everyone. There are events most days — art, music, movement, meals — but so far we haven’t really been too engaged with them. It’s been a little too tense between the transplant and the mucositis, just a little more than we could manage.

Now though, we’re going to be trying to get Maya in as often as we can now that our routine is in place. Today was Music Therapy and Arts for Life, and it was a big hit. Maya and I sat in and did maracas and tambourine, and later Zoe came in to see what all the commotion was about. It was really nice to see her out of her room and interested in what was going on. We’ve been a little trapped in the hospital room until now.

The good news though, or potential good news, is that our WBC ticked up to 0.2 today. It could be a fluke, we don’t know yet. Dr. S was in and said that it was not impossible that she is beginning to grow cells already, but it could very well be too early.

The way he put it was, if it were +4 days or if she were older, he would dismiss it as a fluke. Because she’s so young though, and because we’re at +7, it’s possible. Zoe’s bum appears to have healed a little bit, at least, he thought so, and that simply would not have happened without some white cells. Normally we would not really even hope to see growth before 2-3 weeks had passed.


So, tomorrow we will see what the counts are. If we’re at 0.2 again, then we will be ecstatic. If we’re at 0.1 or “<0.1”, well, then we’ll be where we expected to be right now. It sure would be nice if she started to grow cells already though.

4 thoughts on “Day +7: A Hint of Good News

  1. So happy to hear the good news!! I believe it was not a fluke!!!

    So happy that you are able to get involved in some of the activities there as it will help to have a little distraction.

    Will be anxiously awaiting counts for +8 days. Take care and we love you all!!

    Tell your mom and Larry hello! Let me know if I can help in anyway!!



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