Day +3

Zoe is sleeping a lot right now, and not a lot has changed in the past couple of days. She is receiving Fentanyl for pain, and Narcan to mitigate the side effects of the pain medication, which for her has been itchiness.

She’s not very interested in eating at the moment, she’s on IV nutrition as I’ve mentioned, so we’re going to try a night with Michelle out of the hospital and see how that goes. She’s been staying here to nurse, but as we start a period of time where that’s not going to be as practical, we might as well get her a break.

In general we’re in wait and see mode. We expect things to get a little more tense in coming days as (we hope) cells start to engraft, but until then quiet is a good thing.

[spoiler name=”Click for counts”]

  • WBC: 0.0
  • Creatinine: 0.1
  • Hemoglobin: 8.3
  • RBC: 2.83
  • Platelets: 69 (post-transfusion)


7 thoughts on “Day +3

  1. That is a perfectly beautiful photograph. I’m glad she’s sleeping a lot under good sedation. She’s done so well the past few weeks, but no doubt they have been stressful on her, so the rest will be healing. Hang in there. Mara

  2. That photograph is perfectly beautiful. I hope that Michelle will be able to take a night away from the hospital but as a mom I know it will be hard to leave.

    Hope Maya is doing well. Give Zoe, Michelle, Maya a hug from all of us here in Salem. Of course there is also a hug for you, Evan. Will be praying for your strength to get you through these days ahead.

    We pray every night – grow,cells, grow!!



  3. Wow, what a sweetie. Hopefully Michelle will get a short break from the intense routine. She needs that time off, just for a little while. Things seem to be moving in the right direction and we are hoping after the honetmoon period that things will improve on a daily basis. Grow cells Grow!!
    You are all in our daily prayers.
    Love to all. Nannie and John

  4. Evan, Google “underneath the spreading Chestnut tree” and see if any of the versions of this old nursery rhyme sound familiar.

    Can you guess I was an English major?

    Blessings and prayers,


  5. It’s not the Longfellow poem, it’s much too different from that. I spoke to Mikey again and it turns out he wrote it, I’ll post more on that when I know more. 🙂

    Thanks everyone!

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