Day -13: Zoe is 5 Months Old!

Hard to believe, but Zoe is now 5 months old. We’ve spent 3 months in treatment for her disease since she was diagnosed right at 2 months old. Amazing. I’m sure that anyone who has had a life-altering event occur suddenly can relate, but it’s hard to remember what things were like before Zoe was diagnosed.

We are so grateful. Grateful that we have Zoe in our lives. Grateful that we happened to have a pediatrician who trusted his gut and the signs and sent us into the hospital earlier than we normally would have been. Grateful that there was someone on staff when we were admitted who had seen this rare disease and made a call to start treatment before it could do damage Zoe could not recover from.

Grateful that we have family and friends who have been supporting us, we simply wouldn’t know how to handle this without them. Grateful that we have a toddler who is so wonderful and agreeable that she is weathering this so well. Grateful that Zoe can be cured, and that we have a world-class transplant team in our backyard who know how to cure her.

We spend a least a part of every day thinking about being all back together under one roof and healthy, myself, Michelle, Maya and Zoe. Here’s hoping that day comes soon.

One thought on “Day -13: Zoe is 5 Months Old!

  1. Gratitude is certainly of the greatest of gifts. I am grateful that you continue to write this blog and allow all of us to keep in touch and informed about how all of you are doing. It’s quite a gift:). Mara

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