Day -14

No big changes today. We went in for a brief clinic visit to do blood counts and vitals, the big news from that is that Zoe’s blood pressure continues to be solid (90/60) off of her BP medicines. This continues to give us hope that her kidneys have or are recovering from her prolonged cyclosporine use. We’ll be doing a new GFR (kidney function test) on Friday, and then we’ll know more.

‘Til then, here’s Zoe playing with her favorite toy.


2 thoughts on “Day -14

  1. SHe is growing up so quickly. She looks lovely and healthy as usual. Glad that the news is so uneventful. That’s an event in itself. Mara

  2. So happy to hear that things are going well!
    Thank you for the continued updates and videos. Zoe is such a beautiful little girl!! Love to all of you!!


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