Day -21: Campath Full Dose

Our second day of conditioning brings the first full dose of Campath, and a much higher chance of a reaction. So far this morning we’ve done her pre-meds with the addition of Dexamethasone as the steroid, and begun her Campath. The chemo is still administered on a stepped schedule, a small dose, then a slightly higher dose, then the full amount for the remainder of the day.

Zoe’s counts look good:

  • WBC: 18.2 (higher)
  • Hemo: 9.9
  • Lymphocytes: 1 (her partial dose almost completely wiped them out — this is intended)
  • Sodium: 138
  • Creatinine: .3 (up from yesterday, we’re told it will go up and down with the conditioning)
  • Platelet: 331
  • Bilirubin: .4 (still fine)
  • AST: 44
  • ALT: 21

So, no major changes other than a drop in platelets and lymphocytes, both expected. I’ll update later with any reactions and changes, she has only just begun the Campath so it’s calm at the moment.

Afternoon Update:

Everything has gone really smoothly again today.

Minor Campath Rash

Around 3pm, Zoe started some minor rashes on her face and head, no where else. She’s been very sleepy and calm all day and we were beginning to think she would plow on through day 2 without any side effects. So far, things have gone much better than we expected.

We finished the Campath and her rashes showed up just as we began the saline flush, exactly the same as yesterday’s slight fever. Nothing to be concerned about, Zoe is doing great with her treatment at this point.

Blood pressure has held steady around 100/65 most of the day, temperature averaging about 98 degrees.

So far, so good.

3 thoughts on “Day -21: Campath Full Dose

  1. i hope zoe go all the way and return to her home .
    my little baby Nadine have the same sickness but we can not make a transplant as the operation do not occure in Egypt from non-related . she under go a chemotherapy now but she must make the operation ( BMT ) OR ( SCT )AND i ask about any specialized center to make the operation and even take my kidney!

    father of NADINE

  2. Sameh,

    Were you able to reach any of the agencies I mentioned the first time we spoke? I am not sure exactly where to start or who to recommend.

    My understanding from speaking to someone here in the US is that typically US hospitals do not accept international insurance. Sometimes a government will sponsor a patient to travel to the US for treatment, but I don’t know if Egypt does that. If they do not, cost could be fairly prohibitive.

    I’ve gathered the contact information of someone in the international officer here at Duke, and I will be in contact with you via email with that.

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