Treading Water

We’re still in the hospital, still waiting for some decisive news to allow Michelle and Zoe to return home.

Zoe had her best blood pressure yet today, 97/55, which is close enough to normal range to have the doctors talking about discharge. At the moment, we’re looking at Friday, however we are cautious about getting our hopes up.

There is evidence of Thrush, and she has a slight cough or rasp to her throat, which has us anxious that some new issue is cropping up. Cyclosporine levels are still a little high, so that continues to be something to monitor.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon, but the most important thing right now is that BP — that’s a very positive sign, regardless of whether we go home yet.

3 thoughts on “Treading Water

  1. I have sent out a message to many for prayers. My son Julian was diagnosed with HLH in January 2010. God did a lot of miracles for him and he is capable of doing the same for Zoey.

  2. I’m thinking of all four of you and your families. Evan’s post about being an advocate is totally spot on. Everything you said, Evan: yes. Going through that for dad for 4.5 long months last year was essential to his survival up to the end. Very close to home for me, all that you are going through. I devinitely feel for you. Great news on the b/p!


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