One Tube Down & Other Notes

Zoe is down to her central line only now, down from a peak of 4 tubes to manage attached to her at all times. Her oxygen and heart rate monitor came off today, she’s been off oxygen for a couple days and is finally holding steady right where she should be. I’m sure she must feel better and we’re certainly glad she’s getting that much closer to normal.

Dr. B’s visit brought news that her IL-2 level is at 11,000, where normal is 3,000. This is not necessarily bad news, just the first level we’ve received news of so we have something to base progress off of. This along with Ferritin will offer us a way to track disease activity without a bone marrow biopsy.

We discussed our next steps, and Dr. B feels that it is in the realm of possibility that Zoe will be able to go home the end of next week or the following week. We have to reduce her steroid dosage gradually and make sure she holds up without it, and obviously ensure other symptoms do not reemerge in the meantime. If we are able to take her home, she’ll still be coming in regularly for her Etoposide regimen and we’ll be administering her other 2 chemotherapy medications at home, but at least she’ll be out of the hospital. Progress is progress.

Zoe has also gone down slightly in weight, 13.8lbs down from 14.11 the day before, which I take as a positive sign. We attribute it to coming off the iv fluids, which she had been on at the same time she was breastfeeding. For a while there I thought we were going to need the Willy Wonka juicing machine.

4 thoughts on “One Tube Down & Other Notes

  1. Michelle,

    Sending to each of you ongoing heart-ful energies for wisdom, strength, health and peace. Hugs and love to you, Cindy

  2. Things seem to be getting some better everyday, that’s encouraging. Great new about coming home, know she is probably getting tired of the hospital. The weight loss is probably normal without of all of those IV’s in she is not getting so many liquids. It sounds like the people at Duke are not only experienced in these procedures, but very competent to perform them.

  3. I am glad to read that a lot of Zoe’s tubes are gone. There is so much information you have to process which I am sure is not easy to understand.

    Once Zoe can go home I am assuming she will have to be kind of isolated to prevent her being exposed to infections?

    I hope you continue to get good news and am praying that Zoe improves with each day that passes!



  4. My apologies those of you whose comments didn’t show up today and yesterday, the spam filter got a little overzealous.

    Thank you all for your support and remarks, we’ve been really touched by it all.

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