2 O’clock and All is (mostly) Well

So far it’s been an uneventful day medically. Zoe has near constant visitors in the form of nurses with medications for her IV, but we have finally reached a point where it is routine and there is no immediate danger.

Zoe’s platelet count is up from 90 to 150 on her own, so that’s a very positive sign. Dr. B came by and we discussed some of our ongoing concerns, one of which is how much should we expect her counts to go back down as a result of the chemo, even as we are watching them rise with enthusiasm. He says that it will take as much as a week to see her counts take a toll from the Etoposide, and in the meantime good news is good news, so we can continue to be pleased by improvements we see. We’ll be watching for news of her inflammation to continue to decrease, watch for ferritin counts to start to drop, and hope that her temperature starts to stay at 98º instead of 97º.

Zoe continues to gain weight from the Dexamethasone, which we’re told will continue for awhile and then level out as her dosage is reduced in coming weeks. I spoke to Dr. B about potential complications from weight, but at this point developmentally she’s really only expected to be working on keeping her head up and perfecting her wiggle. There should be no problems there, and by the time we’re ready to see her trying to roll or lift up, she should be at a more moderate weight. She makes a cute butterball though, I’ll give her that.

3 thoughts on “2 O’clock and All is (mostly) Well

  1. Evan and Michelle,

    What a lot to take in? I continue to pray for each of you. Thank you for keeping us informed as we will be able to see how Zoe is progressing.
    Hope Maya, Sandra and Larry are getting through this also. Give everyone a hug and know that we love you and are praying for everyone!!

  2. Dear Evan and Michelle,
    Thank you for sharing your Zoe log with us.It is very helpful to hear about her treatment progress each day.We are so very grateful for the Doctors who are concerened for her and the Nurses who are providing for her constant care. We are praying for all of you everyday that you maybe strengthed and upheld during this difficult time.
    Love to all, Grandmother, Granddad, and Dad

  3. Evan it so warms my heart to see her photos each day, reminding me what a precious little trooper she is! Love to all of you, m

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